Saturday, July 01, 2006

APTN First to Uplink from Lhasa

News content facilitator, APTN has quite a story to tell.

To cover the opening of the new rail link to Lhasa, Tibet on April 3 they say they will be the first foreign broadcaster to provide a satellite broadcast uplink from the remote region.

The rail link – one of the world's highest train routes – runs from China's north-western Qinhua Province, climbing 5,072 metres above sea-level across Tibet's snow-covered plateau into Lhasa.

Trains travelling on the rail link will have sealed (pressurised?) carriages to protect passengers from altitude sickness.

Foreign media have been invited to board a train from Beijing on July 1, which is scheduled to arrive in Lhasa on July 3.

AP Broadcast Services plan to establish a news feedpoint and live position at Lhasa Railway Station to assist with media coverage when the inaugural train arrives.

The Lhasa project follows on the heals of the recently opened Associated Press Broadcast Services News office in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, another first for them.

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