Saturday, July 08, 2006

Satellite Podcasts Launch Next Month

It had to come. The first network to broadcast an all-podcast format to satellite radio listeners starts next month in the United States.

Behind the project is The Podcast Satellite Network which has been created to serve the needs of podcasters looking for exposure to a significant second audience.

PSN, through plans to meet that need by broadcasting its all-podcast lineup to all of North America via free to air (FTA) satellite radio.

During the pre-launch phase now underway FTA satellite radio airtime is being offered by PSN to podcasters at a low promotional rate.

PodSat.Net General Manager, Michael McBride said that the whole idea is to provide simple and affordable access by podcasters to the gigantic broadcast footprint of FTA satellite radio ( in the US). He added that research suggests that the FTA satellite radio audience will love the podcast content, opening up a significant new second audience to podcasters.

Another advantage is that a local AM and FM stations may also freely rebroadcast the podcast satellite feed as it is free-to-air.

FTA satellite radio is much less well known than subscription satellite radio, such as Sirius or XM, but is now growing in popularity. FTA offers both radio and TV digital broadcasts. It is called Free To Air because listeners in North America may access FTA programming legally at no cost. Listening requires the use of a Ku band satellite setup that can sell for less than US$150 with no subscription fees following, making FTA programming attractive to a growing number of consumers.

Who will be first in Asia-Pacific?

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