Friday, July 14, 2006

2HHH Hornsby 100.1FM License Renewed

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has renewed the licence for Sydney suburb community broadcasting radio station, 2HHH Hornsby, 100.1FM for 5 years.

The ACMA made the renewal after the New South Wales community station was able to satisfy concerns raised by the Authority, over membership provisions and financial aspects of its broadcasting operations.

The procedures for renewing a community broadcasting licence are set out in section 90 and section 91 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the Act). The Act was amended in December 2002 to give the Authority more discretion to review a community broadcasting licence at the time that it is due for renewal.

Hornsby is a Sydney suburb where a number of broadcasters are located including some of the facilities of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Anonymous said...

The reality of this report was due to many comlaints from both community and members about the secrative way in which the board of this company continually increased the amount of money that was owed to them due to their involvement with the station. Denis Jenkins and Don McNicol both fabricated depts of over $200 000 dollars on the radio station. When questioned about it by the ACMA they had a hard time proving the dept. hey had however signed agreements with the station (while being directors) that paid Don McNicol $50,000 dolloars and Denis Jenkins $30,000 before the ACMA ould intervien.

Even now after Denis Jenkins wasasked to step off the board by the ACMA he still retains an iron grip on the bank accounts. So much so that when the Chairman of Triple H, John Snelson, asked to view the company finacial he was refused by Denis Jenkins.

2HHH FM Ltd has also been rated as the lowest membership involvement of any community radio staion in history.

This is another fine example of the ACMA being a toothless tiger and A company's contiual lies to the community being excepted as reasonable by the authority that is meant to protect us from such criminal behavour.