Sunday, August 20, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Lebanon TV and Radio in UXO Awareness

Since August 16, digital television broadcasters in the Lebanon have been active with on-air awareness campaigns, alerting citizens, particularly children to the dangers of unexploded ordnance, referred to as UXO. This is the result of 34 days of war.

The radio and television campaign was produced in collaboration with the National De-mining Office, the Lebanese Army, the University of Balamand, the National steering committee for Mine Risk Education and World Rehabilitation, UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) and UNDP.

UNICEF Syria has printed 50,000 pamphlets for distribution among migrating populations.

UNICEF provided the television spots - announcements of public interest (API)that promote the UXO awareness campaign to the Beirut headquartered, TV networks, Lebanon Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI), Future TV, NBN, New TV, and Tele-Liban. All stations are transmittting the API's in their regular broadcast day.

From the radio station perspective, national Lebanon networks, Radio One, Lubnan Al-Horr, and Sawt Lubnan are transmitting UXO campaign API messages in their broadcasts.

UNIFIL estimates that approximately 2,600 ordnance struck Lebanon every day during the recent conflict, of which 10 percent -- or approximately 8,500 -- may remain unexploded.

A similar publicity campaign is under way in Gaza.

Lebanon's digital broadcasters, the same radio and TV networks that suffered under Israeli attacks have shown a healthy civic responsibility to their citizen's needs in wholeheartedly supporting UNICEF's efforts.

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