Sunday, June 18, 2006

Worldspace india

Satellite programmer, WorldSpace India with a fanfare said it has launched India's 'only' 24-hour all sports (radio) channel 'Play'.

To do so, it is partnering with BBC and sports content giant, Trans World International (TWI) to bring subscribers an exclusive mix of programming that captures the action, news, views, and profiles from the World Cup, the largest global sporting event.

WorldSpace added that India's top footballer, Baichung Bhutia, joins the WorldSpace team as they decode the strategies, talk you through the day's highlights from Germany, and rope you into the game with exciting contests and interactive programming initiatives.

But nowhere, do I read that there will be "live" ball-by-ball commentary, nor did the announcement say WorldSpace were an official rights holder.

If the facts stand, as I understand them, I find there is a lack of credibility in a claim to be India's only 24 hour sports channel when they don't give the listening fans what they want i.e. everything, but the live commentary of the games.

Would someone like to confirm my understanding or otherwise?

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