Wednesday, June 14, 2006

China lags Neighbours in Mobile TV

The Mobile TV Market in China Lags behind Korea, Japan and Europe in Terms of Mobile Technology. That is the views of Dublin-based, Research and Markets.

In their latest report they analyze characteristics of China's mobile TV market which lags behind Korea, Japan and Europe in terms of mobile technology, by identifying current development from various views.

Main reason for PRC's laggard position is caused by Beijing not yet announcing the country's digital broadcast standard relating to Mobile TV.

The business scope between mobile operators and broadcasters remains obscure but a pilot service is being provided cautiously in some areas of China including Shanghai and Beijing within the participation of foreign companies such as Nokia, Samsung and LG.

The technologies competing over the license in the Chinese market include Korea's DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), China's own DMB-T (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting - Terrestrial) and DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld) developed in Europe. The report analyzes various issues related to mobile TV which will emerge as the next major convergence service in China.

Who should read this report?

The report is at all digital broadcasters, mobile operators and device vendors who intend to break into China's mobile TV market.

Companies mentioned in the report include:

-- WorldSpace

-- Jolon Digital Media Broadcasting

-- Samsung

-- LG

-- Microsoft

-- SMG

-- RadioScape

-- Shanghai Oriental Pearl

-- Nokia

-- Motorola

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