Friday, June 30, 2006

ANTV On Harris Transmitter Wavelength

Jakarta - In Indonesia, ANTV terrestrial television network is in the process taking delivery and installation of an analog Harris TV transmission system.

The project is being handled by broadcast systems integrator, PT Marlin Trisiana.

Television equipment deliveries began this month.

The contract is valued at US$6.9 million.

Harris will provide analog transmitters and spare parts, along with turnkey services for commissioning the transmission sites.

PT Marlin Trisiana is taking delivery of the Harris transmission equipment, supply tower and antenna systems, and provide the civil engineering works on site.

The completed transmission system will enable ANTV to deliver high- quality, over-to-the-air signals across Indonesia in a tropical environment.

The key transmitters are located on Java. Both are 120 kW Sigma analog transmitters, one in Jakarta and the other in Surabuya.

A further eight sets of 20 kW and nine sets of 5 kW Atlas analog transmitters are being delivered to other sites around the huge country.

Commissioning is planned for October.

Dale Mowry, VP and GM of the Harris Television Broadcast Systems business unit handled the equipment sale.

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