Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Broadcast Australia" View on Mobile TV in Asia

Integration of mobile television sub-systems will pose a key challenge to Asia Pacific broadcasters seeking commercial success and market share, that is according to leading broadcast infrastructure group, Broadcast Australia. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News asked Chris Jaeger, the company's Vice President Asia to elaborate.

[Gerald Brown] Mr Jaeger, Why such challenges in Asia-Pacific?

[Chris Jaeger]The broad selection of sub-system options available within each mobile TV platform, and the integration challenges that these options pose, are not always clearly understood. With commercial success of any Asia Pacific mobile TV system being closely linked to speed of deployment, addressing such integration challenges in a fast, effective and strategic manner will be vital.

[Gerald Brown] How would you approach choice of Mobile TV system?

[Chris Jaeger]The choice between, say, DVB-H, T-DMB or MediaFLO platforms is only a first-stage decision. There are a variety of sub- system choices to make within each platform, such as head-end technology, multi-stream encoding system, RF modulation and handset format. To build up a complete end-to-end operating system, these must be carefully selected and effectively integrated. This will be streamlined by appointing knowledgeable technology partners.

[Gerald Brown] What would you say are the challenges facing Mobile TV's integration into mainstream broadcast?

[Chris Jaeger] System integration is certainly not new in the television broadcasting industry. Whether you're talking about establishing a vision-mixing unit, a sound studio, an editing suite or, indeed, a complete broadcasting studio--none of these are available 'off-the-shelf'. The hard work in making any of these facilities happen is always the integration of sub-systems." Mobile TV presents even greater challenges in this regard.

[Gerald Brown] Are there enough knowledgeable engineers around the Asia-Pacific region in Mobile TV?

[Chris Jaeger]In contrast with the more 'established' technologies, there are so few in the broadcast sector that have genuine experience in end-to-end mobile television planning and deployment. Our close involvement over the past two years in the DVB-H trial in Sydney, and the recent DVB-H demonstration in Melbourne, has granted us a unique opportunity to build knowledge in this sector. "Broadcast Australia" is one of the few groups in the world today to have had hands-on planning, design and development experience across two distinctly different mobile TV systems.

We've been able to model mobile TV coverage and reception for both systems, refining the model using real field data from the Sydney and Melbourne experiences. This places "Broadcast Australia" as a leader in mobile television spectrum planning and coverage modelling.

[Gerald Brown]Thank you, Mr Jaeger.

["Broadcast Australia" will be at the BroadcastAsia 2006 Exhibition and Conference in Singapore, June 20-23. Halls 7/8 Stand No. 8P2-01. "Broadcast Australia" is part of the publicly-listed, Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group (ASX code: MCG).]

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