Thursday, June 22, 2006

Digital Broadcaster Hangover Cure

For those in Singapore for the BroadcastAsia 2006 and CommunicAsia 2006 events, indulging in the necessary late night business functions and parties hosted by the digital broadcast vendors can take heart if they have a hangover, the morning after. As a new hangover pill has been unveiled in the US that can help people everywhere to enjoy a customary few drinks, without suffering the consequences the next morning. Altoxin is a new product that helps your body to flush out toxins and recover from a night of drinking.

A spokesman for Selmedica Healthcare Corporation, the inventors of Altoxin said, the ingredients were specially formulated to promote better mornings and a general sense of well-being after a night of drinking.

You read it first here in Digital Broadcasters Vendor News. And the website...I hear you

No, I am not benefiting from this announcement, it is not an ad.

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