Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CBNSat Closed by Police

Colombo. June 7 : Sri Lanka authorities shut down pay television channel CBNSat which was using satellite communications technology without proper approval, police sources told local media.

CBNSat which rebroadcast a number of local and foreign television channels was scheduled to have a formal launch of its services shortly, with packages priced between 500 to 1500 Sri Lanka rupees.

Authorities sealed the equipment used by CBNSat's associated company SonicNet Technologies which has an external gateway license, effectively bringing the pay TV operation to a halt.

An external gateway license (EGO) allows a company to carry international traffic and interconnect to other telecommunications operators, but not to interconnect or engage in public broadcasting.

Sri Lanka has awarded 32 EGO licenses after the international monopoly of incumbent operator Sri Lanka telecom ended in 2003.

Source: newsID=1715132768&no_view=1&SEARCH_TERM=10

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