Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"dig" radio format adds ABC2 TV to offerings

Sydney -- On June 5, in Australia the ABC-pioneered, youth music digital radio program "dig", launched on the ABC's specialist TV network, ABC2 as "dig TV".

"dig tv" is a 30 mins broadcast built around the wide-ranging, high quality music programming that is synonymous with dig music services.

Blues, soul, country, roots, world music, jazz and rock all feature, with an emphasis on the contemporary.

The "dig tv" format incorporates interviews, performances, feature segments, comedic poetry and clips, alongside some of ABC TV's rich musical archives using the established dig digital radio concept and taking it to another audience.

The terrestrial broadcasts are complemented by ABC's dig TV web site http://abc.net.au/dig where the youngsters access bonus content, such as extended music interviews video downloads, MP3's and information about each episode as well as a place to give your feedback.

To fill in the complete picture, let me explain that "dig" began life as the ABC's first internet radio station in November 2002. It has since broadened its access by being available through the audio channels on digital television services and it is part of the Digital Radio tests taking place in both Sydney and Melbourne. It has also launched two specialty music streams online - digJAZZ and dig COUNTRY. dig JAZZ is also available as an audio channel on digital television.

ABC2 says "dig tv" is an exciting offering for the growing digital TV audience. Across Australia over 1.5million households are now able to watch digital free-to-air television, and another million-plus can enjoy ABC2 as part of their digital subscription TV service.

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