Friday, June 30, 2006

Digital Broadcaster Quote of the Day

Digital Broadcast Vendor News Asia, Executive Quote:

Intro: Like the BBC, and a number of other digital broadcasters, MediaCorp Singapore's equivalent to state TV is running HDTV trials around the period of the World Cup 2006 in Germany. The six month long trial is in line with the Media Development Authority (Media 21)'s strategy to encourage the growth and deployment of digital media in Singapore. This is what MediaCorp says of the trial:

“As part of the Media Development Authority’s initiatives to speed up the deployment and adoption of HD technology, MediaCorp is pleased to be the first in Southeast Asia to launch a terrestrial trial to offer better quality and wider choice of services to our viewers, while allowing us to explore viable business opportunities harnessing digital technology. As the media industry makes the transition to digital technology, MediaCorp will need to invest heavily in new equipment, facilities and skills to produce local shows in HD. The results of the trial will help determine the viability and direction of HDTV over the free-to-air platform”.

Chang Long Jong (Mr), Deputy Group CEO (Television) MediaCorp, Singapore

I believe the key point: "To explore viable business opportunities" in Mr Chang's comment is saying that terrestrial broadcasters have to move with the times more efficiently. This is a fast changing era of technology advancement and consumer needs in relation to how citizens are to be entertained and informed.

The monoliths of the earlier era of state broadcasting serving up a standard diet have been bypassed by today's generation of hands on and highly selective "geeks" who only want what they want, by media of their choosing, not what the broadcaster perceives their needs to be. [Ed]

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