Friday, June 30, 2006

Singapore 'in-tune" with Changing Media Landscape

One of the most interesting developments at Broadcast Asia 2006 took place on June 23 with the New Media Conference.

A brainchild of MediaCorp subsidiary, the Singapore Media Academy (SMA), the idea of the event was to address new ways of how consumers 'consume' the new media through converged technologies, such as IPTV, Interactive TV, Video-on-Demand and podcasting.

[Expressed another way: how consumer patterns and the media landscape are changing as a result of new media and how broadcasters can capitalise from it. - Ed]

Conference speakers included Lucas Chow, Group CEO of MediaCorp; Dr Tan Geok Leng, Senior Director(Technology & Planning Group)/ CTO of Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority; Seto Lok Yin, Director of Industry Development, Media Development Authority; and experts from Gartner, Institute of System Science and MediaCorp Technologies.

The New Media Conference was an ideal springboard to launch the academy to be officially opened in July. As the name suggests it will provide specialized media training,with the add on of educational and consultancy services in Singapore and the region.

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