Wednesday, June 28, 2006

TV Cabo Macau Under Pressure

Macau Special Administrative Region.

It is reported that Portugal Telecom chairman Henrique Granadeiro is dissatisfied with results of its cable TV subsidiary, TV Cabo Macau, which he considers is “of inadequate size or badly managed,” and is among the worst performing of the company assets in businesses in China.

Portugal Telecom has an 87 per cent stake in TV Cabo Macau.

PT is taking steps to improve the situation following analysis.

TV Cabo Macau posted turnover of US$2.4 million (2004), a quarter more than in the previous year.

Its customer base increased 16 percent to 37,000, but PT believes that results are falling below market potential.

PT also has a major stake in CTM, the mobile, fixed-line operator in the Macau SAR.

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