Thursday, June 22, 2006

RadioScape Mobile TV:Secrets revealed at Broadcast Asia 2006

Mobile TV Highlight at BroadcastAsia 2006 for digital broadcast:

RadioScape, a world leader in digital audio and multimedia broadcast and receiver technology is a key technology palyer and provider for Mobile TV trials that are taking place around the world. Dr Les Sabel, RadioScape’s VP of Technology said the reason for this is that RadioScape is the only company that provides both broadcast and receiver technologies giving integrated, end-to-end solutions that ensure robustness and reliability. Dr Sabel added that the secret to the company’s success has been able to provide flexible solutions, which can be easily adapted to incorporate a variety of standards in the rapidly evolving world of Mobile TV, is that it uses software to define the functionality, i.e. Software Defined Digital Radio. Underpinning this is a framework called RadiOS that enables modular software functionality to be loaded only when needed, hence allowing a wide variety of applications to be incorporated into high-end, feature-rich products.

Dr Sabel presented a paper at Broadcast Asia 2006 to explain the RadioScape technology and how its broadcast system technology have been a crucial part of Mobile TV trials as follows:

• The DAB-IP trials in the UK in 2005-2006 • The current joint trial by RTÉ and RadioScape in Dublin • The Centre of Excellence for Digital Broadcasting (CoEfDB) trial in the Netherlands • The DMB/DAB-IP Mobile TV trial in the UK that was announced on the 5th of June 2006 • Trials in China with over nine installations in operation, some of which are now broadcasting commercially.

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