Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Malaysia's RTM buys SGL Digital Storage Software

At BroadcastAsia 2006, Singapore, Software Generation Ltd (SGL), known as a key British vendor to digital broadcasters of its digital video storage/archive management software reported that Malaysia state broadcaster, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM), has selected SGL FlashNet as part of its major digital upgrade project.

Other key players involved in the RTM project include: Avid, Blue Order, Harris, Hitachi, Omneon, Snell & Wilcox and StorageTek. They will provide the glue between the Media Asset Management system and the ingest and automation solution, moving material between the online storage on the video servers to the nearline disk storage and then across to the tape library under the control of Harris applications.

Bernie Walsh handled the project for SGL.

RTM, based in Kuala Lumpur, currently runs two television channels (RTM1 and RTM2) and eight national, 16 state and eight district radio stations. Trials are to begin shortly for DTTV in the Klang Valley using a new frequency for transmissions.

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