Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup India's Radio Coverage

Continuing the subject of FIFA World Cup radio coverage in India......

Briefly, from June 10 to July 10, All India Radio has a daily wrap up program on FM Gold 106.4 FM and Rajdhani Channel at 07.05 local time.

Courtesy of deals with Deutsche Welle Radio (DW) and the BBC, All India Radio will bring extensive daily coverage of the FIFA World Cup in Germany to back up its own team of commentators who are on the spot.

AIR is broadcasting at 20.30 (IST) a special inn English and Hindi on the World Cup directly from Germany to be broadcast on 65 AM and FM radio stations on AIR's national network. In addition the program is available on the Indraprastha channel on 819 kHz in New Delhi, as well as on AIR's Direct-To-Home satellite service.

The BBC World Service is providing live commentary in English to AIR for the opening match, the semi-finals and the final to a further 11 matches and specifically any games of the soccer giants - Brazil, Argentina, Germany and England.

A total of 11 pool (shared broadcast rights) matches will be relayed over the AIR network and the the specialised AIR network comprising 17 rainbow FM channels and the Vividh Bharati. These air late night.

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