Sunday, June 18, 2006

Chyron sells to Korea Church

The Bundang Choongang Church in the Gyungido Bundang region of Korea has installed a Chyron Duet MicroX graphics system to provide 2D/3D animation for its Church service. The systems were sold through Chyron’s Asian partner, Sion Media.

The Duet MicroX running Chyron’s Lyric software provides the Bundang Choongang Church with broadcast-quality, real-time animation, which has the ability to instantly update text and graphics for its services that include hymns and sermons as well as special preaching events.

William Payne, Chyron’s director of sales, Asia Pacific says : "Churches across the world are becoming more and more broadcast focussed 'as graphics systems involve the congregation further by providing a more interactive service'".


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