Monday, May 08, 2006

VOV Vietnam Takes Jampro FM Antennas

An unusually detailed release from Jampro says that The Radio Voice of Vietnam (VOV), based in Hanoi, is to take delivery of two Jampro JFVD high power FM antenna systems from Jampro Antennas / RF Systems of Sacramento, CA.

The antenna systems are vertically polarized, high-gain, broadband FM flat panel antenna systems including transmission lines.

VOV will take delivery of antennas designed to provide a VSWR of 1: 08:1-- 88 to 108 MHz.

Jampro's JFVD model was selected by VOV due the hot, humid tropical climate of the country.

Radio Voice of Vietnam is owned by the Vietnamese government through their Radio and Television Broadcast Development Company (BDC), and operates 65 AM stations, seven FM stations and 29 shortwave stations that reach over 90% of the country.

The overseas channels of Voice of Vietnam, VOV5 and VOV6, broadcast in 12 languages to Vietnamese nationals residing overseas and to foreigners around the world.

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