Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Star PCCW TeamUp for IPTV Development

Hong Kong -- PCCW Limited and STAR are to work together to explore IPTV pay-TV opportunities in overseas markets.

PCCW's "now TV" is the world leader in IPTV with more than 550,000 users, subscribing to the service since its launch in August 2003, representing 25 per cent of HKSAR homes. "now TV" carries over 110 TV and audio channels including 17 channels provided by STAR and its joint venture partners.

The STAR/PCCW cooperation will involve full pay-TV operations.

The venture makes sense. PCCW's CASCADE Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of PCCW is a provider of worldwide technical and IT solutions in IPTV.

CASCADE has built and installed end-to-end technical IPTV solutions in countries as far afield as Thailand and Morocco.

Ongoing discussions are in progress with a number of other overseas operators.

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