Tuesday, May 23, 2006

93.4FM for The Breeze Auckland

Auckland -- There is a swap in frequencies to enable the launch of RadioWorks' The Breeze radio outlet for Auckland.

Solid Gold FM relinquishes 93.4FM and moves to 93.8fm, previously occupied by Kiwi FM.

The Breeze launches on June 12 using 93.4FM.

The frequency change will allow RadioWorks to pursue the option of providing a broadcast service which gives full Auckland coverage by synchronising Solid Gold on 93.8 in Auckland and nearby Waikato region.

Brent Impey, CanWest MediaWorks CEO, commented: “As things currently stand, with different radio stations on 93.8 FM in Auckland and the Waikato, we are only able to broadcast on 93.8FM at a lower power, which leaves some areas of Auckland unable to receive the signal. This move may give us the option to provide a full coverage service to our listeners.”

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