Thursday, May 11, 2006

BBC Starts HDTV Trials Today

Recognised as the world's leading broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC starts a 12 month trial on high definition TV.

Interestingly, the BBC in London commissioned survey research firm, GfK NOP to conduct an online survey using a representative sample of about 1,500 respondents in the UK.

When asked what they knew about HDTV, the highlights of the results were as follows:

- 83 per cent of men and 62 per cent of women had heard about high definition television - 87 per cent said they expected the BBC to broadcast in high definition in future; - 93 per cent expected those broadcasts to be free to air; - 95 per cent expected HDTV broadcasts to be available on all platforms – satellite, cable and Freeview; - 88 per cent disagreed they should pay a higher license fee to view HDTV

The core operations of the BBC continue to be funded by an annual license paid by each household and the majority of the public are against the BBC putting paid advertisements to air on domestic radio and television channels.

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