Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Digital Broadcasting]Quote of the Day

"We are forbidden to call them phones. Instead, they're 'multimedia computers'"

Harry Santamaki, VP, multimedia strategy and business development Nokia Espoo,Finland

Mr Santamaki says that to call his Nokia hand set a "phone" attracts a penalty. He has to sip cod liver oil from a bottle placed on his desk at the world's leading mobile phone vendor!

This rigid corporate culture reveals Nokia's vision of the cellphone future, one in which one device will manage your information, communication and entertainment needs — a single remote control of sorts for your electronic life. Not suprisingly Nokia has hardly any landlines connecting its offices to a fixed line network. Nokia aims to be on the cutting edge of an industry that determines much of our technology-driven activities. Already, it dominates the wireless business, producing about a third of the 800 million mobile phones sold around the world every year. Contrast that with Dell, the world's largest computer maker, which last year shipped a fraction of that — 37 million units, many to Asia-Pacific.]

Already, I post articles like this one to this blog: [Digital Broadcasters Vendor News] using just my Nokia. This is very convenient when I am attending trade shows, conferences or simply on- the-road visiting digital radio and TV stations and digital vendors - Editor.

Full story: 2002993095_nokia14.html

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