Sunday, May 28, 2006

Taiwan TV Licensees Get Their Way

In Taipei, the Legislative Yuan voted on May 26 on legislation to make both cable and broadcaster licensees to be a uniform six years.

Under existing regulations, terrestrial broadcasters were at a disadvantage with two year licenses against the cable TV companies which had six years already.

In practice the main terrestrial TV stations: Taiwan Television Enterprises (TTV), China Television Co. (CTV), Chinese Television System (CTS), Formosa Television (FTV), and Public Television (PTV) are now on an even playing field with the cable TV broadcasters.

Under the revised regulation, the National Communications Commission (NCC), the newly established agency to conduct independent supervision of the electronic media organizations will review the conduct of all license holders every 2 years.

The NCC was the outcome of strong lobbying by the opposition parties, pressing to take the broadcasters out of political party influence and away from the the Government Information Office (GIO) which operates under the Office of the Cabinet.

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