Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TV-7 Jakarta Using Jampro DVB-T Transmitters

Jakarta -- Digital broadcaster, TV-7 owned and operated by PT Duta Visual Nusantara Tivi Tujuh, recently commissioned 14 UHF television stations throughout Indonesia with new Jampro JUHD panel antennas.

Jampro broadcast engineers supervised the projects and the Company’s technicians completed the turnkey antenna installations, which included Jampro's RCPU patch panels-power splitters and transmission lines.

TV-7 airs 18 UHF digital broadcast channels over their 15 station network. It also offers television programming downlinked from the Telkom-1 satellite at 4075 MHz.

Indonesia is a major market with a population of over 240 million and the market area is almost three times the size of Texas, but spread over 6,000 populated islands and three time zones.

Jampro points to the size of market and interior mountains that reach 5,000 meters as posing significant challenges to broadcasters.

TV-7 chose Jampro's JUHD antennas because of a modular design that could be configured to specific azimuth and elevation patterns, and because beam tilt and null fill could be shaped for maximum coverage.

Depending on the TV-7 tower site, either the JUHD antennas were installed as side-mounts or top mounts. Antennas were delivered DVB-T/ DTV ready for UHF bands IV and V with wide bandwidth for multiple channel operations such as TV-7. Durability is a key consideration for durability of the broadcast equipment n a hot, humid climate with heavy tropical rainfalls, as found across the Indonesia.

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