Thursday, May 25, 2006


Korea’s Next-Generation DMB Services Put on Display

Seoul - On May 24 various forms of next-generation mobile digital TV services were put under the spotlight by Korea’s major broadcasters, with multimedia contents expected to be available for mobile TV reception late this year, The Korea Times reports.

Digital broadcasters, KBS and SBS presented their evolved versions of the terrestrial digital media broadcasting (DMB-T) service during the Korea International Broadcasting, Audio & Lightning Equipment Show (KOBA 2006) at COEX in southern Seoul.

KBS demonstrated its on-screen data transmission service using DMB handsets, called BWS, on which users can view the news and other information by clicking on the screen while watching DMB programs, just like surfing the Web on the Internet.

SBS presented a more advanced version of the DMB service, using the Binary Format for Scenes (BIFS) technology. The BIFS supports transmission of video and other digital data simultaneously, enabling, for example, a user to check on the scoreboard and player profiles while watching a baseball game on a DMB terminal.

Both KBS and SBS have been preparing for the commercialization of the BIFS service, with the launch slated for after this summer.

The broadcasters are pressing ahead with the DMB-T service, to beat the rival DMB-S for Satellite transmission, which is operated by mobile phone carriers.

KBS is planning to expand coverage of the go-anywhere TV from Seoul and the surrounding region to the whole country, before the kickoff of the 2006 World Cup in Germany next month.


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