Monday, May 01, 2006

Radio Works in AdSpend Mix

The below listed facts supplied to Digital Broadcasters Vendor News by Commercial Radio Australia apply to radio across Asia]

- At any given time, 20 per cent of internet users are listening to the radio at the same time.

- Some 57 per cent said they checked things on the internet after hearing about them on radio (Using Radio With Online, Radio Advertising Bureau and Internet Advertising Bureau, UK, 2006)

- Radio’s return on investment is 49% higher than television based on profit per advertising dollar (Radio’s Return on Investment Advantage, Millward Brown/Information Resources, US, 2005)

- Replacing one or two newspaper exposures with two radio ads almost tripled unaided brand recall (The Benefits of Synergy, Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab, US, 2004)

- Radio advertising drove up unaided brand awareness and use. An 18% lift in consumption was achieved in the radio test markets. (Radio Active, Radio Marketing Bureau, Canada, 2003).

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