Sunday, May 28, 2006

Brunei Launches iTV for World Cup


Using World Cup 2006 in Germany as the launch platform, Radio Television Brunei (RTB) has launched interactive television (iTV) over its channels 10 and 11.

The World Cup project partner is Green City Concept Sdn Bhd with SMS as the main interactive component.

The RTB project has been initiated and coordinated by Sports Section, TV and supported by commercial and other RTB divisions RTB.

Extensive airtime includes selected World Cup 2002 matches, World Cup documentaries, players profiles and RTB World Cup 2006 competition from June 9.

Besides chatting, viewers will be offered three key competitions with prizes worth more than $35,000 Brunei Dollars including mobile phones, car and electrical goods.

The time difference between Brunei and Germany is 5 hours, meaning that key coverage is in evening Prime Time.

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