Tuesday, May 23, 2006

STAR India Big Time into Mobile Phone Content

Mumbai -- Digital broadcaster, STAR India is taking its mobile phone platform to a new level and is targeting the burgeoning mobile entertainment market. A slew of initiatives enhance its STAR 7827 platform. This means moving way from just television-focused interactivity to entertainment specially created and aggregated for the mobile screen.

The proposed initiatives are to be revolutionary,innovative, and bring a diverse mix of programming and high quality fresh and diverse content, says STAR. These include exclusive ring tones, astrology predictions from Bejan Daruwalla, jokes and other mobile games like Super Simpoo.

The www.star7827.com web site has been re-designed to reflect this new push in content aggregation.

The developing of the mobile phone medium is clearly to promote business opportunities. As Sameer Nair, CEO of Star Entertainment, India, said: "STAR 7827 will be one of the key focus areas of our business and is expected to contribute significantly to our revenues over the next 3 to 5 years.”

Highlighting the synergies between mobile and TV business in India, Viren Popli, SVP of STAR Interactive, said the content will be continuously refreshed so as to create stickiness with the consumer.

STAR India says a heavy marketing campaign accompanies the launch of the star7827.com project.

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