Thursday, May 11, 2006

EutelSat+RRSat for BA 2006 Singapore

Singapore -- Eutelsat says it will be at Broadcast Asia 2006, Asia's premier broadcasting and multimedia technology event and supported by RRSat a leading provider of end-to-end transmission and production services.

Using a digital video platform located in Israel that uses Ku-band capacity on Eutelsat's W5 satellite, Eutelsat and RRSat can offer content providers an efficient and reliable means for reaching DTH, cable headends, hotel and conference centres in south-east Asia.

In addition to geographic reach, RRSat offers broadcasters network engineering and custom-tailored end-to-end solutions including conditional access and standards conversion.

International broadcasters who have already selected the platform as their preferred point of entry into south-east Asia include EuroNews, Trace TV and World Fashion Channel.

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