Monday, May 08, 2006

Volicon AIM Winner NAB 2006

Have you heard of Volicon? Well no, neither had I until a company release told me they had won major recognition at this year's NAB event in Las Vegas.

It turns out Volicon is a provider of advanced solutions for monitoring broadcasts, logging, archiving, and streaming of digital video.

They won the NAB Award for Innovation in Media (AIM) at the NAB2006 Conference and Exhibition. As one of the five exhibiting companies receiving the highest number of attendee votes in the Content Delivery category during the second annual AIM program, Volicon received AIM recognition for its Observer multichannel broadcast monitoring system on Wednesday, April 26.

The Volicon system is based on a powerful proprietary streaming media engine that allows users to record, store, search, retrieve, and export media, in real time, from multiple broadcast sources and from any desktop in the facility, utilizing closed-captioned information to assist users in searching for specific video clips. Version 3.0 of the Observer software features a new closed-caption display feature, the ability to schedule daily tasks to export specific content in a system-independent file format, and the storage and easy retrieval of media for up to 15 years and beyond via a new support feature from Front Porch Digital.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like every TV Station could use this! Do they have any customers yet?