Saturday, May 27, 2006

India To Go Digital by 2015 under the next Five Year Plan 2007-2012

Latest news from India's Information & Broadcasting Ministry is that country is to convert from analog to digital radio and TV transmission by 2015 under the nation's Five Year Plan 2007-2012.

The Broadcasting Authority, Prasar Bharati is called upon to ensure that during 2013 digital terrestrial transmissions by both All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (DD) will be in place in all cities (main urban areas).

The delivery systems for Cable and Satellite will be moved on to Conditional Access first as a precursor to complete changeover by 2015 along with terrestrial transmissions.

The Five Year requires the I&B Ministry to plan to make conditional access set top boxes in India, which contradicts present recommendations which recommend imports. Locally-made, STB's should have digital analog conversion capability for delivery of the digital signal to the subscriber along with conditional access and address- ability features.

Indian industry experts have also recommended that national standards for the manufacture of digital receivers must be established before local production commences.

In order to make digital conversion a complete success, testing, publication and adoption of technical standards for terrestrial digital transmission must be undertaken by the Government.

This must also include adoption and publication of digital standards for cable television.

The plan calls for implementation in a phased manner during the Eleventh Five Year plan.

The Plan also endorses also a unitary body to regulate content and distribution.

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