Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Afghan TV chooses Jampro

US-based, Jampro Antenna/RF Systems Inc has informed Digital broadcasters Vendor News that 24 of its top-mount VHF Prostar series slot antennas have been ordered by Afghanistan's Ministry of Communications (Wizara-e-Mukhaberat)to rebuild the country's television infrastructure of People's Radio and TV Afghanistan. Many of the original transmission sites were damaged or destroyed in the 2001 war.

The reconstruction process is already building momentum. State- operated and financed, national broadcaster, People's Radio and TV Afghanistan, based in Kabul, is transmitting from the capital and has facilities in nine of Afghanistan's 32 provinces.

In making the announcement, Alex Perchevitch, Jampro president said, "The selection of our VHF Prostar slot series is an endorsement of our product, technology, and capabilities. Our Prostar slot series of antennas have a very well established record and we are very pleased to be able to provide such an integrated system for the rebuilding of the Afghan TV Network."

Jampro's Prostar series VHF slot antennas satisfy the range of requirements specified by Afghani broadcast engineers for PAL low, medium and high powered antennas. The units’ ability to be combined for HDTV and NTSC broadcasting at various power levels was also a determining feature in the selection process. Key factors additionally included the equipment’s proven reliability to withstand the brutal weather of a cold, mountainous country.

[I understand everything except the reference to NTSC broadcasting. Afghanistan is firmly committed to the PAL broadcasting standard. None of the neighbours and their broadcasters use NTSC. Why NTSC. Is this some kind of payback to the United States (home of NTSC)and at some point, some transmissions in Afghanistan will also be in NTSC making Afghanistan a dual-standard country.]

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