Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ho Chi Minh TV Installs Duet LEX Graphics System

In Vietnam, Digital Broadcaster, Ho Chi Minh City Television (HCMTV) recently installed a Chyron Duet LEX graphics system running on Chyron Lyric software.

State broadcaster, HCMTV, which transmits seven channels in analog and digital 24/7, is using the SD Duet LEX graphics system with the clip player option to provide high-speed graphics for its main TV production studio, which produces game shows, variety shows and TV soap operas.

Nguyen Van An, Studio Manager at HCMTV said the decision to buy the Duet LEX system was due to its high quality graphics output and the fact the system supports the Vietnamese language.

The installation at digital broadcaster, HCMTV was carried out by Chyron’s South East Asian partner/vendor, Magna Systems based in Australia.

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