Friday, April 28, 2006

ShinSat Broadband targets PRC

Bangkok-based, Shin Satellite, owned by Shin Corporation (now controlled by Singapore Government investment vehicle, Temasek Holdings) this week starts broadband service to Vietnam.

In another major move, ShinSat is to provide broadband Internet services to China through the company's iPSTAR satellite.

In readiness, ShinSat has already built a satellite gateway in Beijing that will begin providing Internet services to clients in May.

Two more gateways are planned in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

A Shin spokesman is quoted in the media as saying that the Chinese government had set a target of one million satellite users in the next few years, which is also the Shin Satellite target to achieve within the 16-year-contract of the life of its licence in the PRC.

The ShinSat service will cost about US$1,000 a year in China, and would bring in revenues of US$1 billion a year if the company meets its target.

The new service will target clients in remote areas of China which are not covered by other high-speed Internet services.

Shin Satellite is already providing broadband satellite services in Southeast Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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