Friday, April 28, 2006

GlobeVISION adds Korean Content to IPTV

GlobeVISION,the specialist satellite broadcaster is using its IPTV "PIE" service for Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians to carry content from CGN TV, Korea's largest originator of Christian programming. The deal means that CGN will be carried from July 1, the launch date of GlobeVISION's PIE Service.

Los Angeles-based, GlobeVISION says that Korean terrestrial TV broadcasters, Munhwa and SBS6 and largest cable media group (CJ Media and CJ Entertainment) to use its PIER service to provide Korean content in North America.

"We are pleased to be able to add these values-based programming options to GlobeVISION's already announced lineup of news, culture, sports and entertainment," said Edward Bach, Founder and CEO/ President of GlobeVISION. "GlobeVISION recognizes how important family and faith-based programming is, especially considering what a hot topic it has been in the U.S. lately."

The deal also forms a strategic marketing and promotion partnership to boost awareness of CGN TV's subscription satellite service. CGN TV's 24 hour satellite service currently beams Christian-themed programming, including culture, worship and educational programs into 123 countries.

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