Monday, April 17, 2006

RTM to trial iTV in September

Kuala Lumpur -- Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) celebrates its 60th anniversary this month. A timely announcement by Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin will see RTM launch 6 months of figital television trials fir six months from Septmber.

Both RTM-1 and RTM2 will be used from 7pm to midnight daily as well as a third special channel being set up for the trial.

Some 1-2,000 set top boxes will be distributed to selected homes in and around the Klang Valley area of the capital.

The minister said that throughout the trial period, various tests and studies would be carried out on the digital broadcast and program content, and include several interactive packages, data and other services to gauge the effectiveness of the services.

A trial report would be submitted to the Government's Economic Planning Unit (EPU) for evaluation.

[Which equipment manufacturers are involved in the project?]

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