Saturday, April 15, 2006

Broadband Connected

[If you like what you read, tell your friends. They can sign up to have 24/7 updates on their desktop by simply clicking on the RSS/Atom links found to the right of this page.] This is a follow up to my comments about installing DSL broadband in Greece. After three days of extra cable installation and a highly personalized service by local engineers, OTE installed broadband at my holiday residence. My only comment beyond a sincere thank you is to say, if it was not for the dedicated attention I received, there was no way I could have possible followed the self set up instructions. To some extent the earlier comments contributed to this blog were correct. But the bottom line is: when a Greek gives their word a task will be completed it is. That is what the engineers personally told me. They honoured their word. Now, if only the OTE marketing department can simplify the whole process of installation and they will have a winning product on their hands.

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Γεώργιος Ιακ. Γεωργάνας said...

May I suggest that the cabling in your residence may have needed some sorting out ? It used to be the case in many holiday homes in Greece. Analog telephone networks could and can (where they exist) take much more punishment than modern digital ones. Hence, they used to get that punishment.
Please, also, note that the DSL installation staff are, most of the time, contractors, rather than employees of OTE, the Greek telecoms ex-monopoly. This is why they care so much more for the service they provide. Remarkably, the after-sales service, in the rare cases in which it is needed, is simply overwhelming. They even call to make sure your DSL service has come back, although they already have the information on their screen.
George J. Georganas