Monday, April 17, 2006

New anti-Spam code, Australia

On 16 July 2006, Australia introduces world leading anti-spam action - the first of its kind legislative code of practice for internet and email service providers.

The new code applies to all of the 689 active internet service providers in Australia, as well as those global email service providers such as Hotmail and Yahoo providing services in the country.

It also requires ISPs and email service providers to give end-users information about how to deal with spam and to have in place a process for handling complaints from subscribers. The ISPs will have to provide spam filtering options to their subscribers.

The code sets out how the operators will address also the sources of spam within their own networks, including actual spammers, misconfigured customer email servers and the virus-infected computers used to spread spam (known as ‘zombies’).

Many Australia ISPs already voluntarily offer a spam filtering product to their customers as either a free or charged service.

Industry codes represent one element of Australia’s multilayered strategy against spam, which includes legislation, technical counter- measures, education and awareness initiatives and international cooperation.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority registered the code of practice in support of the Spam Act 2003 by the Internet Industry Association in conjunction with the internet associations from Western Australia and South Australia.

A copy of the code is available at

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