Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Chunghwa Telecom cuts growth outlook

The Taipei Times carried a story on April 13 in which John Hsueh, a vice president of Chunghwa Telecom was quoted as saying that Chunghwa (Taiwan's top telecoms company) was trimming its subscriber growth forecast this year from 500,000 to 300,000 for its IPTV subscribers. At end of 2005 the company had 100,000 subscribers.

Chunghwa Telecom has spent more than NT$2 billion (US$61.48 million) on purchases of set-top boxes for its subscribers since last year. The outlay made up about 80 percent of the company's total investment in the new IPTV business, Hsueh said.

Subscribers to Chunghwa Telecom's IPTV service have a selection of only 30 channels, compared with the more than 100 channels offered by cable TV operators.

Chunghwa had a troubled launch facing competition from the powerful cable TV lobby that has filed a complaint (still pending) over Chunghwa Telecoms entry into the TV market.

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