Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MaoriTV News expands with Zandar

Dublin-based, Zandar Technologies reports that Maori Television in Auckland have just commissioned a second news studio using in part Zandar Multiviewer systems.

Celebrating its second anniversary this month, MaoriTV utilized the services of systems integrator, Gencom Technology to install the new news studio for daily production output.

Māori Television was launched in March 2004 with a mandate to promote and revitalise the Māori language and culture to a wider audience. Proving to be popular television for its New Zealand audience, a second studio for daily news production was commissioned in early April 2006 further adding to its indigenous broadcasting capabilities.

Used in the new control room the Multiviewer systems utilize images from 40 inputs, including cameras, mixer outputs and remote feeds for the high-resolution and large-screen display across two Clarity Baycat 46- inch LCD panels.

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