Monday, April 17, 2006

Another US TV Channel heads East

As if we in Asia-Pacific do not have enough choices in US TV programming made available to us, starting towards the end of 2006 comes "The America Channel" an independently owned new cable programming network.

The America Channel's advance hype says its programming will "explore and celebrate America, its communities, real heroes, and ordinary people who accomplish the extraordinary".

"There is a global fascination with all things American," stated Doron Gorshein, CEO of The America Channel. "We believe The America Channel - a network dedicated to exploring and celebrating our diverse communities, local heroes and ordinary people who accomplish the extraordinary -- will find a substantial international audience."

The channel launches first in Europe and Middle East on Hotbird satellites at 13 degrees East and Eutelsat at 28 degrees East in agreement with BT.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News heard on the grapevine that The America channel hopes to expand further into Asia as soon as it ties up satellite transponder slots.

If you must..check it out

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