Friday, April 21, 2006

ACCA Tokyo Trials Alcatel WiMAX solution

Tokyo -- From June, ACCA Networks one of Japan's largest DSL and Optical Fiber Access service providers is to launch a WiMAX trial in the Tokyo area using Alcatel's iMAX radio solution for commercial network deployment.

This will be Alcatel's first WiMAX reference in Japan based on the 802.16e-2005, the IEEE's universal WiMAX standard for broadband wireless access.

ACCA will, in particular, validate the integration of WiMAX services in its existing DSL portfolio, with a first set of applications including video streaming, high- speed Internet access and Voice-over-IP. The trial is a first step towards offering commercial service and satisfying growing demand for access to advanced broadband Internet applications from any location.

Respective executives handling the project - Yoshio Sakata, president of ACCA and Head of WiMAX Business Development and Marc Rouanne, president of Alcatel's mobile communications activities.

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