Monday, November 13, 2006

Digital Vendors | Japan | Eyeheight at Inter BEE 2006

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News reminds you that Inter BEE 2006, takes place at the Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Wednesday November 15 through Friday 17.

We have received a number of product updates.

This one is from digital vendor, Eyeheight, based in Watford in the U.K.

The latest additions to Eyeheight's range of modular HD, SD and multi- definition broadcast equipment will be exhibited at InterBEE 2006 including Infinity Design;as well as a safe area generator, colour corrector, keyer and legaliser, plus a new SD multichannel source identifier.

One of Eyeheight's highlights will be a powerful enhancement to its colour correctors. An integral Ethernet control interface enables all facilities and control menus to be operated from a PC via one-to- one connection, local network or remote internet access. The Ethernet control feature is available as an option for canalettoSDi (standard- definition), canalettoHDi (high-definition) or canalettoMDi (multi- definition).

Eyeheight also offers new configuration software for the established playout master control switcher.

New from Eyeheight is a safeEyesMDi multiDef safe area generator that enables program-makers, editors and telecine transfer facilities to ensure that the essential elements of their source material remain within the safe areas of a 16:9 television display. User-selected guide markers can be superimposed on a video display without being visible on the main programme feed.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News says that Eyeheight is known as a world-leading innovator in the design of multiformat broadcast equipment and is a reliable vendor.

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