Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | ABU | Under Scrutiny

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia asks a simple question: How seriously should we take the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union when it cannot even issue official announcements correctly in English?

The latest gaffs (yes, there have been a number before) should be embarrassing to the ABU Secretariat.

Why is it so difficult to write the names of ABU members correctly.

In its announcement dated Beijing, November 7 under "Press release - Japan's Kansai Telecasting Corporation wins 2006 ABU CASBAA UNICEF Child" the release referred to Finalists Tuesday Report: Pocket Money (Hong Kong) Producer: Wong Yuk Kuen Production company: Television Broadcasting Limited (should be Television Broadcasts Limited) and The Orphans, Childless & Predators (Singapore) Producer: Ong Hee Yah Production company: MediaCorp News Ptd Ltd (should be MediaCorp News Pte Ltd).

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News believes we should speak up. Everyone else seems too polite or diplomatically impotent to draw attention to such inadequacies.

We suggest that the ABU uses outside professional help to ensure correct announcements are made.

In the opinion of Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia and e- broadcastnewsasia, the ABU needs to be re-energized to reflect today's technology advances and changes in consumer relationship with technology. The ABU gives the impression of being a lumbering giant out of step with today's reality. Having a Caucasian at the helm does not sit comfortably with us when the majority are Asian peoples. The gentlemanly club that seems to surround the ABU has to be changed.

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