Saturday, November 04, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Kyrgzstan | BBC Breakthrough With FM Radio Relay stations

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has been informed that the BBC, following months of negotiations, is supplementing its shortwave broadcasts to Kyrgyzstan with new terrestrial FM radio station coverage in both the Kyrgyz and Uzbek languages in this Central Asian Republic.

The new BBC World Service FM stations are: 103.7FM BBC in Kyrgyz in the capital Bishkek; while BBC 102.2FM Batken and BBC 106.3FM Kerben broadcast in both Kyrgyz and Uzbek. Permission so far is for evening broadcasts starting at 1900hrs local time.

Hamid Ismailov, Head, Central Asia and Caucasus service, BBC World Service said that the BBC has a very good partner relationship with the Kyrgyzstan State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company which rebroadcasts a mix of BBC language programming on the 1st Channel of Kyrgyzstan State Radio. "This means more people in Kyrgyzstan will have daily access to reliable and objective news and information in their mother tongues."

These are the not the first FM BBC broadcasts in Kyrgyzstan. But bringing back FM in an major expansion move.

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