Thursday, November 16, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Shanghai | Media Group Slashes Mobile TV Subscriber Rates

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has been notified that from November 1 the Shanghai Media Group's (SMG) subsidiary, Shanghai Dragon Mobile Media (DMTV) and China Mobile have lowered their fees for Mobile TV service.

Subscribers to DMTV's 'Oriental Dream World' mobile TV service paid more than RMB 300 (USD 37.5) per month for a full package including live sports and movies. Now they pay just RMB 10 (USD 1.25) per month and can have access to all the programs.

Industry watchers say the joint move is intended to be a permanent one and to encourage user subscription and give the mobile TV content more exposure to consumers.

DMTV, said that prior to November 1 it had 200,000 paying subscribers and 300,000 subscribers for its free content. It now predicts its paid subscription base will grow to one million plus across the whole of the country. DMTGV noted the changes were competitive with cable TV charges which average RMB 12 (USD 1.5) monthly across the PRC.

User profiles are more easily understood from records associated with Mobile TV as are consumption patterns which can help sell advertising segments.

Also, Digital broadcasters Vendor News Asia understands that DMTV recognised early on - in 2005 - that content/program segments had to be of 3-5 minutes in length to meet the consumer-on-the-move usage of Mobile TV services.

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