Sunday, November 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | New Zealand | BetaCarts Out Omneon Server In at TVNZ

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia has heard from Omneon Video Networks that Television New Zealand (TVNZ), that the country's state TV terrestrial broadcaster, now in its transition to a full digital installation has replaced its analog Sony Betacart tape-based studio production playout systems with a digital non-linear multichannel Omneon Spectrum media server system with a capacity of 4 TB of shared storage.

The move takes TVNZ (operating TV One and TV2 networks) from 20 years of relying on analogue into an era where the new Omneon Spectrum server has the ability to accept digital content that improves quality, speeds up production time, minimizes error, and eliminates the issue of lost tapes.

To implement the new digital project, TVNZ designed a completely new ingest, production, and playout workflows system to replace the original playout functionality of the Betacarts, at its main production and playout center in Auckland.

In the re-configuration, the Omneon installation allows TVNZ to replicate its earlier playout functionality while implementing file transfers of content from the facility’s edit suites.

Significantly, TVNZ staff continue to work in familiar playout operations while working with digital content ingested via an Omneon MediaController interface. The MediaController panel and software provide robust ingest functionality, giving users single-button control in driving a VTR and an input port on the Omneon server system to execute frame-accurate dubs from VTR systems, crash records from tape or live feeds, or scheduled records from satellite.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News also understands that in the near future, digital content prepared by TVNZ production teams will be transferred from Avid edit systems onto the Omneon server system for playout.

Two Hi Tech active CartBox controllers, which mimic the operation of the familiar Betacart operator’s control panel, allow the studio team to cue and roll clips from the server, playing those clips out on specific channels or assigning clips to programmed shots.

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