Saturday, November 04, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Japan | STAR IPTV Venture

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News reports that Hong Kong based, STAR TV has launched a new Japanese platform.

“World on Demand” (WoD) is a new IPTV and community platform that serves expatriate communities in Japan. WoD is owned and operated by The New Media Group (TNMG).

STARTV offers the following channels for WoD: Star Plus, Star One, Star News, Star Utsav, Vijay, Sky News and Fox News.

Through the launch of WoD (, TNMG will provide popular media offerings to targeted user communities, offering them more choice and the freedom to access what they want to see and the opportunity to interact with other WoD users. WoD users can watch the STAR channels and communicate in real-time with others on the IPTV and community platform.

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