Monday, November 13, 2006

Digital Vendor | Singapore | HDTV Countdown has Started

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notes that local Singapore digital vendor, Skycom Satellite Systems and its DRACO Model: HDTV 3900 set top box have been selected for the HDTV six months trial by MediaCorp.

The trial is the countdown to the start of HDTV in Singapore next summer.

In 1999 Skycom Satellite Systems was awarded the task by NSTB (Singapore's National Science & Technology Board) for its Research and Development initiative in the development of a Singapore origin, satellite digital STB.

Since then, Skycom Satellite Systems has manufactured different models of Satellite and Terrestrial Set Top Boxes being sold directly to End Users, TV Operators as well as OEM manufacturing for various established brands.

Skycom STB's are currently sold to many countries across Europe and in Australia and Asia.

In the Singapore HDTV STB project, which is considered the first in the world, Skycom Satellite Systems is the main development center. It is incorporating technologies from Singapore, India and HK/China - indicative of true, international collaboration.

Skycom says that its mission is time critical - with less than 6 months from start to adoption of HDTV, from concept development, to product and software development, comprehensive testing in the laboratory and with Mediacorp and Singapore Telecom engineers, plus the digital HDTV boxes to be manufactured and delivered by June- in time for the official launch date of the Singapore HDTV service.

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